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Best Javanese Philosophy : Sura Dira Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti 01

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Javanese Philosophy “Sura Dira Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti”

This means that all hard-hearted, petty, insidious nature, can only be defeated with a wise, gentle and patient attitude.

Javanese Philosophy

Java has diverse traditions and cultures. One of them is an oral tradition in the form of Javanese speech or advice and Javanese Philosophy.

Sura Dira Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti has the following meanings:

Suro means courage, Diro (Dira) means strength, Joyo is glory, and Ningrat is a high-ranking, nobleman. Meanwhile, Lebur means destroyed, Dening means with, and Pangastuti is policy, kindness, patience, compassion.

Javanese Philosophy conclusion

from the meaning of the word, the philosophy of Java is related to patience in dealing with someone who has a hard-hearted, narrow-minded, fierce anger (especially against a figure or leader)

First about the hard-hearted nature

everyone does have different characteristics and behaviors, the source of human nature is the heart, where the heart can be soft and also hard. there are many factors that make a person have a hard heart and we should not have those qualities.

the second concerning insularity

insularity is also a bad trait, which makes a person think narrowly, tends to prejudice others.

the third concerning anger

the nature of anger is often associated with the character of someone who is cruel, greedy and greedy.


Literally from the meaning of the words above can be concatenated its meaning is as follows: all the courage of the power of glory and position will be defeated with a wise attitude, gentle-hearted and patient.

That is the meaning of the Javanese philosophy of Sura Dira Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti. By understanding this philosophy, it is hoped that future generations can become human beings who are supernatural, highly ethical and civilized. This is what can then become a character when they mingle with other tribes. These are the basic traits passed down by the ancestors especially the Javanese community.

Javanese Philosophy More in Depth explanation

All forms of wrath traits embedded in humans can actually be removed with good qualities such as gentle but firm, compassion but no favoritism and kindness. Each word in the sentences has its own meaning.

Suro (Sura) means courage. In every human being, there is a courageous nature that can be positive or negative. The nature of courage can be a negative trait when humans are not able to control it, people will be affected by the courage they have to commit crime, arbitrariness, and anger.

Whereas diro (Dira) means strength. Humans are given grace by the Almighty with strength, both physical strength and inner strength. As with courage, humans must be able and make good use of the power that is in themselves, so that the advantages that have been bestowed upon him are not in vain and give birth to anger and evil.

Then joyo (jaya) means glory. Glory is the result of courage and strength. When humans already have glory, but not balanced with good qualities in themselves, humans will become arrogant and far from moral and religious values.

Furthermore, ningrat means respectable. Human beings are certainly wallowing worldly pleasures that are completely enough or even excessive. Either in the form of assets or titles.

Lebur means destroyed or melting, vanished, submissive or surrender and defeat. That every attribute of anger or evil can be subdued and destroyed with kindness and gentleness. While Dening is a conjunction which means with.

And pangastuti means love or kindness. The goodness in question is good in the sense of humans worshiping God Almighty, the good deeds of humans with humans, and humans with nature.

Goodness to God is to worship Him, carry out His commands and stay away from His prohibitions. When humans are able to carry it out well, humans will obtain grace from God that can be in any form such as the peace of heart and so forth.

While kindness towards our fellow human beings may have often been seen in the community environment, such as how people respect each other and help each other. When humans do good things to others, then humans will also get a reward in the form of kindness as well.

Furthermore, the good of nature is to preserve nature. When humans are able to protect nature and not damage it for their own benefit, then nature will give what is contained in it to humans

Sura dira jayaningrat, lebur dening pangastuti is the philosophy of the Javanese community to become a better person. Javanese people believe that all hard-hearted, petty, angry characters can only be defeated by being wise, gentle and patient. In accordance with the character of the Javanese who have a gentle and patient heart. When dealing with people who are greedy and hard-hearted, as much as possible to always yield. Not that he did not know anything but because Javanese people usually avoid debates that cause relationship estrangement.

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