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Javanese Philosophy of life – Urip iku urup #1

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Javanese Philosophy of life Urip Iku urup [Life is light up]

Javanese Philosophy of life – One of the many Javanese philosophies guides us to be righteous. However, it is not surprising that this philosophy is now very minimal for us to understand, let alone carry out, remembering that worldly auroras are very strong and thick to envelop us.

Javanese Philosophy of life

Urip Iku urup (Life is light up) has the meaning of life that should benefit others around us, the greater the benefits we provide will certainly be better for us and others, but no matter how small the benefits we give to others do not let us be the one who is troubling the community

The meaning of this philosophy is extraordinary, that we were born in this world not to stand alone, in power and all just for ourselves, but we were born to give to each other, help and help others without any sense of strings attached. All religions consider this to the extent that humans as social beings must interact and help each other.

The benefits that we provide are like a burning fire, a fire does not mean that embers burn and destroy everything, but the fire has a meaning as a light that always lights up and illuminates every step of the human being on the right path. Therefore our lives must have valuable benefits that always give bright light so that every step we and our brothers can walk toward the truth.

Do not always make our lives restless society, disturbing peace because it does not fit our nature as a noble creature. If we do something wrong it is forgotten, but if the mistake is repeated a second time means that it has become his character. Let’s fill our lives with useful benefits and let’s take care of each other so that our steps can benefit all. So first hopefully this short article has benefits for us all. Thank you…

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Javanese Philosophy of life : Urip Iku Urup

“Urip Iku urup” is the sound of one of Javanese philosophy of life that has been inherited from generation to generation and which is full of meaning. The philosophy literally can also mean “life is lit.” Which if interpreted, this philosophy has the understanding that the life we ​​live this must bring benefits and blessings to others and around us.

The teachings contained in the philosophy are of course a legacy of lofty teachings that we must not only respect but also practice in our daily lives. Even though this teaching may have been very old, we still see and feel its strong relevance to the human values ​​we believe today. This is of course also because the teachings contained therein are indeed universal principles that are eternal. A law that applies forever and applies everywhere.

The nobleness of the teachings in this philosophy becomes teaching that encourages us to be human as we should be. Become a real human. Become a human who lives fully and in harmony with the nature of his creation. And this life is not only nature or a necessity that we must achieve, but also because it is very closely related to the achievement of our own happiness and peace.

We humans are indeed created by the Creator in a psychiatric setting that can only achieve true happiness if we become good and useful people. The more and more good we make in life – the more useful we are – the closer we will get to that ultimate happiness. That is why we can say that this Javanese philosophy is a fundamental guide that will lead us to our essential humanity.

Although maybe in the past this philosophy was very popular, it penetrated inwardly and animates the life behavior of the Indonesian archipelago at that time, but we do not deny that at this time there were relatively few people who knew and understood this philosophy of life well, moreover who did it. With it becomes important for those of us who care about the nobility, culture, and future of our nation – to appreciate, explore the noble values ​​and wisdom of this nation. Which then consciously acted on it in everyday life and taught these values ​​to the wider community.

If the teachings that can be said to be simple but noble can be well lived by our society and if everyone is willing to act on them, this will not only strengthen national unity and integrity, it will even be able to bring our nation into a prosperous and just nation.

Wise Javanese once said that one of the weaknesses of our nation is that we lack confidence in ourselves as a nation. In fact, to be a strong nation requires us to grow rooted in our own culture and national identity. Therefore there must be efforts to bring this nation to a sense of pride, love, and passion for values, the wisdom that comes from the cultural roots of their own people. Especially in the current era of globalization where the flow of information that carries foreign values ​​and cultures is so bombarding us.

Javanese Philosophy of life

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