Umar bin khattab story and Mother of Stone Cookers #1

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Umar bin khattab story

The Story of Caliph Umar bin Khattab and Mother of Stone Cookers


Umar bin khattab story – A short story is a piece of prose fiction that typically can be read in one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident or series of linked incidents, with the intent of evoking a “single effect” or mood, however there are many exceptions to this.

Story For Kids With Moral - The Story of Caliph Umar bin Khattab and Mother of Stone Cookers
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The moral of a story is the lesson that story teaches about how to behave in the world and i hope this Umar bin khattab story can give you something to learn.
A moral is the lesson of a story. Add an “e” and you have morale: the spirit of a group that makes everyone want to pitch in and do better. Moral comes from the Latin word mores, for habits.
The moral of a story is supposed to teach you how to be a better person.
If moral is used as an adjective, it means good, or ethical. If you have a strong moral character, you are a good member of society.
If someone is a cheat and a liar, you might say, “She is not a moral person.” Why Are Stories Important for Children? Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children.
The books they read and the characters they get to know can become like friends.
It’s also good for children to understand that books are a useful source of information and that good reading skills are important for success in their future lives.
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Umar bin khattab story – Once upon a time, Arab land was being hit by famine.

The dry season runs quite long, making the land there barren.

The Caliph Umar bin Khattab was then leading Muslims through a year called the Year of dust.

One night, Caliph Umar invited sahabah named Aslam to visit a remote village around Medina.
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The steps of Caliph Umar were stopped near a shabby tent.

A little child’s crying voice disturbed his attention.

Caliph Umar then invited Aslam to approach the tent and ascertain whether the residents needed help.

After approaching, Caliph Umar found an adult woman sitting in front of the fireplace.

The woman was seen rummaging in a vessel.

After greeting, Caliph Umar asked permission to approach.

After being allowed by the woman, the Caliph Umar sat close and began asking questions about what had happened.

“Who is crying inside that?” asked Caliph Umar.

“My child,” the woman answered curtly.

“Why are your children crying? Is she sick?” asked the Caliph.

“No, she is hungry,” said the woman.

The answer made the Caliph Umar and Aslam stunned.

Both of them were still sitting in their original place long enough, while the girl in the tent was still crying and her mother kept stirring the vessel.

The woman’s actions made Caliph Umar curious. “What are you cooking, O mother? Why isn’t your cooking mature?” asked the Caliph.

“You see for yourself!” said the woman.

Caliph Umar and Aslam immediately saw the contents of the vessel. Immediately they were shocked to see the contents of the vessel.

“Are you cooking stones?!” the Caliph Umar asked.

“I cooked these stones to entertain my daughter. This is the crime of the Caliph Umar bin Khattab. He does not want to look down, whether the people’s needs have been fulfilled or not,” said the woman.

“Look at me. I am a widow. Since this morning, my child and I have not eaten anything. So I told my child to fast, hoping that when we break the fast we would get sustenance. But it didn’t.

After maghrib arrived, there was no food.

my child was forced to sleep on an empty stomach, I collected small stones, put them in a pan and filled water, then I cooked the stones to lie to my child in the hope that he would fall asleep until morning.

but she wakes up and cries for food, “said the woman.

“But what do I do? Really Umar bin Khattab does not deserve to be a leader. He is unable to guarantee the needs of his people,” continued the woman.

The woman did not know what was before she was the Caliph Umar bin Khattab. Aslam had time to reprimand the woman.

However, the Caliph Umar prevented it. The Caliph then shed tears and immediately rose from his seat.

Immediately he invited Aslam to go quickly back to Medina. Arriving in Medina, Khalifah immediately went to the Baitul Mal and took a sack of wheat.

Regardless of fatigue, Caliph Umar raised the grain sack on his back. Aslam immediately prevents.

“O Amirul Mukminin, let me carry the sack,” said Aslam.

Aslam’s sentence was unable to make Umar calm. His face was red and heard Aslam’s words.

“Aslam, don’t put me into hell. You will replace me carrying this burden, do you want to carry the burden on my shoulders on the day of vengeance?” Umar said in a high tone.

Aslam looked down at the words of the Caliph Umar. While stumbling, Caliph Umar lifted the sack and was delivered to the tent where the woman lived.

Once there, the Caliph Umar told Aslam to help him prepare food. The Caliph himself cooks food that the woman and her children will eat.

Caliph Umar immediately invited the poor family to eat after the cooking was cooked. Seeing that they could eat, Caliph Umar’s heart was calm.
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Food was exhausted and Caliph Umar said goodbye. He also asked the woman to meet the Caliph the next day.

“Say the good ones. Tomorrow meet Amir al-mu’minin and you can meet me there too. Insha Allah, he will suffice you,” said Caliph Umar.

The next day, the woman went to see Amir al-mu’minin. How shocked the woman saw the figure of Amir al-mu’minin, who was none other than someone who had cooked food for her and her child.

“I apologize. I have cursed with bad words to you. I am ready to be punished,” said the woman.

“you are innocent, I am the one who is guilty. I sinned to let a mother and child starve in my territory. How do I account for this before Allah? Forgive me, mother,” said Caliph Umar –

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