Story of Umar ibn khattab and the Old Mowan #1

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Story With Moral

The Story of Umar Ibn Khattab and the Old Woman



Story of Umar ibn khattab and the Old Woman – A short story is a piece of prose fiction that typically can be read in one sitting and focuses on a self-contained incident or series of linked incidents, with the intent of evoking a “single effect” or mood, however, there are many exceptions to this.
The moral of a story is the lesson that the story teaches about how to behave in the world.

Story For Kids With Moral Umar Bin Khattab and the Old Beggar

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the story of Umar Bin Khattab and old woman. This story happened during the time of Umar Bin Khattab serving as the second caliph to replace the caliph Abu Bakar Sidiq r.a.

The Caliph Umar Bin Khattab was not only well-known for his firm and fair attitude, but he was also very careful in maintaining the mandate of his position and power.

But as a human being, the Caliph Umar Bin Khattab realized that he sometimes had negligence.

Even though he has made every effort to prosper his people, it is also possible that there are still some people who escape from this policy so that they do not feel the impact of their kindness.

Therefore, if Umar Bin Khattab knew that there were still people who were suffering, then he would hurry to provide assistance, even by himself personally directly.

It was done solely because of his fear of the torture he would receive later on the Day of Judgment due to his negligence as a Caliph or leader.

The story of Umar Bin Khattab and this old Woman is one example of how his personal majesty as a caliph and leader of the people.

Story of Umar ibn Khattab – Once, when Umar Bin Khattab was on his way home from the land of Sham to Medina, he met an old woman. The old woman was resting in her rickety hut.

At that time the Caliph Umar Bin Khattab disguised himself as a layman because he wanted to see for himself the suffering suffered by his people and wanted to get the people’s information or views on him.

When he arrived at the house of the old woman, the Caliph greeted and said. “Did you hear anything about Umar?” “Reportedly Umar had just returned from Syria safely”. The caliph said again, “What do you think o grandmothers about our caliph”.

The old woman replied, “I hope God does not reciprocate with kindness”. Umar then wondered about the old woman’s answer and continued asking.

“Why is that?” Asked Umar.

Answer the old woman, “He is very far from his people. Since becoming a caliph he has never visited my hut, what else is giving money “.

Umar replied, “How could he know the situation of grandma while this place is far away”.

The old woman complained and said “Subhanallah! it is impossible for a caliph not to know the condition of his people even where they are. “

Hearing that answer, the Caliph Umar Bin Khattab gasped and said in his heart, “Woe to me because all these people and grandmothers also know about me”.

Caliph Umar Bin Khattab was sorry while shedding tears.

Then he continued his words, “O grandmother, how much do you want to sell Umar’s tyranny to grandma? I pity that the caliph Umar Bin Khattab will go to hell. That is if grandma wants to sell it “.

Said the old woman, “Don’t joke with me who is this old man”.

Umar Bin Khattab replied, “I am not joking O grandmother, I mean it, how many grandmothers will sell it. I will atone for his sin, will grandma accept this 25 dinar as the price of his pension from the caliph Umar Bin Khattab to grandma? ” While handing over the money to the old woman.

“Thank you, son, you are truly righteous,” said the old woman while taking the money given by the Caliph Umar Bin Khattab.

Meanwhile, Saiyidina Ali bin Abi Talib along with Abdullah bin Mas’ud was also walking in the region.

Seeing Caliph Umar be there, they greeted him.

“Assalamualaikum, Amir al-mu’minin”. hearing this saying, the grandmother knew that the guest who had talked to her briefly was Caliph Umar Bin Khattab.

With a feeling of fear and trembling the old woman said “Masya Allah, woe to me and forgive me for the impudence of this grandmother, Amir al-mu’minin. I had cursed the Caliph Umar bin Khattab before himself. “

Lamentations of grandmothers have made Saiyidina Umar Bin Khattab aware.

“It’s okay, Grandma, may Allah bless you,” said Umar.

Umar then ripped out some of his clothes and wrote something down.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, With this Umar Bin Khattab has redeemed his sin for his tyranny against a grandmother who felt wronged by Umar Bin Khattab, since becoming a caliph so that the sin was redeemed by 25 dinars.

With this, if the woman charged Umar Bin Khattab on Mahsyar’s day, then Umar Bin Khattab was free and no longer related “.

The statement was signed by Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib and witnessed by Abdullah bin Masud.

The shirt was handed over to Abdullah bin Mas’ud while saying “Save this shirt and if I die put it in my kafara to bring it to Allah SWT”.

Story of Umar ibn Khattab – Thus the footage of the story of Umar Bin Khattab and the Old who can be a material reflection and lesson for us today.

What is the example of a true Islamic leader.

No wonder the caliph Umar Bin Khattab’s leadership period, which was only about 10 years (13-23 H / 634-644 AD), had succeeded in bringing da’wah and greatness of Islam to various regions outside the Arabian Peninsula.

Story of Umar ibn Khattab – During the reign of Caliph Umar Bin Khattab r.a, Islamic power had covered the Arabian Peninsula, Palestine, Syria, most of Persia and Egypt.

May God’s grace always accompany it.
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