Error In the Quran

Answering Qur’an 86:6-7, Error In the Quran?

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Scientific Error In the Quran?

Warning: Sexual content (apology).

I believe Quran are from God have scientific information described in very ambiguous terminologies since those terms were not known on that time.

That is why, followers of all religions discovered science in their own holy books, later the science invented those.

Interestingly, God has used the terms in a way that when a previous scientific information is proved wrong and new thing is invented, you can still suite it with your holy texts.

You will see this phenomenon if you compare the commentaries of holy books written more than 1000 years ago to today.

Surah At-Tariq [86]: 6–7: 

So let man observe from what he was created.
He was created from a fluid, ejected,
Emerging from between the backbone and the ribs.
Indeed, Allah, to return him [to life], is Able.

I believe, this verse is talking about ejaculation.

For ejaculation, nerve stimulation and muscle contraction both are needed.

The nerve impulse is carried out from brain to the male reproductive organ.

These nerves include both the spinal nerve (located inside our backbone) and the branch of spinal nerves that are encompassing our ribs (intercostal nerves) which goes up to the reproductive system.

These nerves are responsible for passing sensory information as well as muscle contraction that results in ejaculation.

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The spinal nerve is mostly important for males.

That is why backbone injury causes erectile dysfunction.

In 90% of cases, males fail to ejaculate properly after serious spine injury.

Thus the spinal nerve (backbone) is responsible for a male’s fluid release. (1)

Intercostal nerve is important for both males and females.

That is why stimulating the chest area plays a role during intimacy.

Especially this nerve is very important for female arousal.

A total of 4 nerves are required, including the intercostal nerve (2).

During arousal, the vaginal walls release a clear FLUID that lubricates and neutralizes vaginal acidity and helps sperm survive and thus contributes in fertilization.

We all know that in most cases, this is the only fluid secreted by the female reproductive organ (3).

According to 1 practice (called “nipplegasm”), orgasm can be achieved in a female by bypassing any intercourse. This practice involve stroking the rib cage (beside other chest area activity (4)).

Many scholars have gave the opinion that the word “In between” actually means the contribution of both genders, according to Arabic.

Thus fluid from both gender released by the stimulation via backbone and rib play role in fertilization. (And surely God knows the best).

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Last Note: As I mentioned before, the holy scriptures always uses terms very well known to the people.

That’s why the known term “spine” and “rib” are used instead of nerve (as the word “dust” is used instead of “DNA”).

If anyone accepts a holy book, they should accept it with all its ambiguous terms.

Holy books are to be followed by the followers up to the end of time, hence it is not possible to use any terms, specific for a time period.

Now we are talking about nerves. more than 1000 years from today , you might get so deep information (in the molecular level) that no one would talk about nerves anymore.

Nerve will be superficial in year 3419, as bones (ribs and spine) has become superficial in year 2019 (compared to year 610).


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Read more answer –> Answer from :


Some Christians claim that the Quran has a scientific error in it regarding sperm production

This is incorrect again.

The critic focuses on the verses 86:6-7,

Tara’ib is thought to mean ribs, though there is some dispute.

Sperm is produced in the testes and is then transfered to the seminal vesicles awaiting ejaculation, the=is accounts for 5 % of the ejaculate,

the rest of the ejaculate comes from the seminal vesicles (46-80%), with the prostate gland and the bulbourethral and urethral glands producing the rest of the ejaculate (2).

At the time of ejaculation, all this (semen, which contains the sperm) is released

From the seminal vesicles which are in fact between the backbone (coccyx, lower back) and the ribs!

So if we run with the translation of the critics we see something that people would describe as a scientific miracle and not a scientific error.

The seminal vesicles are anterior to the sacrum and coccyx (lower back, loin) and the ribs are anterior to the seminal vesicles.

If one was to draw a line from the tip of the coccyx, to the upper portion of the seminal vesicle _ either one of the two_ and extend the line forward it will catch the ribcage.

The seminal vesicles from which the semen spurts out during coitus, lies between the ribs and the coccyx (backbone)!” (3)

The irony is that the critics accuse the Quran of making a scientific error yet the error is on their part as they only believe it to be an error as they wrongly believe semen emanates from the testes, while in fact in emanates from the seminal vesicles which are in between the backbone and the ribs!

So now we all know the critics are being unfair, unscholarly and misleading when they claim the Quran (86:6-7) tells us that semen is produced in the kidneys etc.

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Let me add some thing more interesting and that is about the embryologic development of sex organs.

actually at arise between cervical and thoracic segment.

exactly between ribs and spine.

urogenital system has same origin but interesting thing is sex organs are coming from superior position and kindneys from interior (in simple words)

so developmental anomalies can lead to undescended testis and pelvic kidney.

means testes were suppose to go down and kidney to move up normally.

Organ get the nerve supply from its place of origin so that also shows its original place of development.

Seminal fluid is produced in a variety of different locations.

These include:

  • The testicles, accounting for 1% to 5%
  • The prostate gland, accounting for 25% to 30%
  • The seminal vesicle, accounting for 65% to 70%
  • The bulbourethral glands, accounting for less than 1%

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