Comparative Religion

Comparative Religion – Part 9 Convert To Islam

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Comparative Religion – Part 9 Convert To Islam

BM : Our meeting has taken place several times and is going well.

At this meeting, are there still questions that will be asked?

AW : Since this afternoon, I have thought and considered deeply about the results of our meeting that aroused my awareness to determine my position in choosing which religion I should follow.

BM : Alhamdulillah, if you can determine your own.

So what is your current belief in the Trinity (God the Father, Son of God and Holy Spirit).

AW : Indeed this is the matter that I have been contemplating since this afternoon, because I still feel bound by a “Benchmark” that I have yet to solve.

Though your statement was very satisfying from the beginning we met.

BM : If you don’t mind, try to explain.

Maybe I can help you.

AW : It’s a matter of the Trinity .

This problem still remains in my soul.

BM : Alright, just explain.

AW : God (the Father), the Son and the Holy Spirit even though they are composed of three persons, they remain essentially singular.

Because one cannot be separated from the other.

This issue still remains in my beliefs.

While other matters, regarding the verses in the Bible, inheritance sins, the truth of the Qur’an, the truth of the Prophet Muhammad as the messenger of God, especially the dispute over verses in the Bible and the statements and your explanations based on objective facts and the interesant for me was settled and I gave up.

BM : Alright, continue.

AW : But the matter of the Trinity is still painted in my belief.

So that it has not been unanimous (sincere) for me to just sacrifice my belief without extensive explanations that really overcome my beliefs.

BM : So the three persons, you still believe that all three are the God of all.
AW : Yes, that’s how it is, but it’s starting to thin.

BM : So the Father is God?
AW : Yes.

BM : The Son, Jesus, is God?
AW : Yes.

BM : Is the Holy Spirit also God?
AW : Yes, all three but still one (single), as I explained earlier.

To make it clearer, I made it for example.

BM : Alright, please make for example.
AW : You currently smoking cigarettes

BM : Yes i am smoking. The brothers who were present watched as well. I am smoking now.
AW : Cigarettes that you smoke, consist of three arrangements, they are: Cigarette sticks, Fire, red fire on cigarettes

BM : Yeah right, continue.
AW : Cigarettes, their fires and reds are one even though they consist of 3 arrangements, but essentially one too, is cigarettes, the three cannot be separated, but are combined into one (single).

The same is true of the Trinity.

BM : For example, or the parable you gave, although it was considered correct, it was not correct.
AW : So what, I’m asking to be denied if it’s not right.

BM : I will not argue, but I respect your opinion.

I just want to ask about the parable you mentioned earlier.

But my question is, ask to be given the right answer.
AW : Good, hopefully I can answer that.

BM : Earlier you gave a parable about cigarettes in terms of equality with the Trinity.
AW : yes, that’s right.

BM : I want to ask, and I’m smoking now. Are these cigarettes Stick, cigarettes or not?
AW : Yes. That’s the cigarette stick

BM : Are these cigarette’s fire, cigarette or not?
AW : Not.

BM : Is the redness of the flame on this cigarette, a cigarette or not?
AW : Not.

BM : Now, let me ask again: Is The Father God or not?
AW : Yes, that’s right God.

BM : Is the Son (Jesus) God (the father) or not?
AW : No.

BM : Is the Holy Spirit God (the Father) or not?
AW : It shouldn’t be either.

BM : If you say that the cigarette’s fire is not a cigarette and the red part of the cigarette is not the cigarette, then it is clear that Jesus is not God and even the Holy Spirit is not God.
AW : Yes,

BM : Unless if you say: The fire is a cigarette, then you say: Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is God too.
AW : Yes, that’s right, your answer was correct.

BM : Now what is your belief, whether Jesus is God or not.
AW : No!

BM : Whether the Holy Spirit is God or not.
AW : not God!

BM : Then do you still believe in the Trinity.
AW : It’s gone!

BM : When it’s gone, what about it?
AW : Yes, my belief now, there is only ONE GOD.

BM : So you believe that GOD IS ONE?
AW : It should be; I believe that God is One, There is no other God .

BM : What does God mean by you, is it Allah or what?
AW : Of course Allah

BM : At the last meeting, you have confessed the truth of the Prophet Muhammad as the messenger of Allah.
AW : Yes, I am not lying

BM : Then you have admitted that: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”
AW : Right, I am starting to convert to Islam now, becoming a follower of Islam, and including the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad.

AUDIENCE WITH THE VOICE Simultaneously: Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, brother Antonius is now our brother.

BM : You who were present took part in witnessing yourself, that on this evening on March 18, 1970 at 10.15 minutes tonight, brother Antonius had converted to Islam.

AUDIENCE: We have watched.

BM : I ask Brother Antonius to read the “Shahahadah sentence,” I read it first, then you are expected to follow it, confirming it.
“Asyhadu Anlaa ilaa ha Illallah Wa Asyhadu Anna Muhammadan Rasulullah.”
Do you know what that means?
AW : Yes, but I should ask you to be guided to read it, first of all, so that it is not wrong.

“I witnessed that there really is no God but Allah and I confess that the Prophet Muhammad truly is the Messenger of Allah.”

BM : Are you really present?

AUDIENCE: That’s right. Enough, His Islam is Sah.

BM : Let us pray together and give thanks to the presence of Allah SWT and it is hoped that Antonius and all those present will say Aamiin.

After the prayer was read, I hope that those who were present shook hands with Brother Antonius as our new brother.

Does the name of Antonius still have a sequel?
AW : My real name is “Antonius Widuri.”

BM : May I add without changing the original name ?
AW : Yes, I agree.

BM : I set your name now “Antonius Muslim Widuri.” So it was added by the word Muslim.
AW : I accept his name to be his name and it suits me.

BM : The brothers who were present would have heard of this name addition.

AUDIENCE: The name is reasonable and suitable, good.

BM : Will you do the Prayers, Fasting, Zakat and other Islamic teachings?
AW : As a Muslim, I must obey the teachings of Islam according to my ability (my ability).

BM : Thank you.

Do you want to give a greeting or say a few words tomorrow night, because there are friends who will just hold a salvation?
AW : Alright, I’ll fulfill it tomorrow night.

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