Comparative Religion

Comparative Religion – Part 1 #JOINT AGREEMENT

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Comparative Religion

The first night

Comparative Religion - Part 1 #JOINT AGREEMENT

Comparative Religion – It should be explained in this question answer abbreviated. Letter: “BM” for Mr. Kyai Bahaudin Mudhari and the letter “AW” for Antonius Widuri or Br. Markam, because Markam’s brother often helped explain the information of brother Antonius. i hope this Comparative Religion can help you in many ways.

Comparative Religion

BM : Before the meeting is held, I think it is necessary to determine something that is considered important that we should set first.
AW : We leave it to Mr. Kyai, about this meeting.

BM : Shouldn’t our meeting be recorded and if necessary we use a tape recorder to make a memento.
AW : Alright, we agree with Mr. Kyai’s opinion.

BM : Then I will ask for help from a brother to record each of our discussions. And if you do not mind the results of our discussion later if it is long need to be known to the public as well, we should make a book (recorded).
AW : I don’t mind as long as it brings benefits to the public.

BM : So you agree.
AW : Yes totally agree.

BM : Thank you, now I want to ask your intention to meet me. And earlier you mentioned Christianity and Islam.
AW : Well, mr. Kyai, I honestly say that I am a Catholic Christian.

Often I also read Islamic religious books, and Islamic magazines, especially the Qibla magazine published in Jakarta.

By reading these books and magazines, my desire arose to study and research the religion of Islam. But I always hide that desire.

BM : Where do you get Islamic books and Qibla magazines?
AW : Accidentally, I often find it on a friend’s table.

At first I ignored, because the books and magazines were different from my beliefs.

One night I could not sleep, even though I wanted to rest, then I paced back and forth in the bedroom, in and out of the room, then I saw the Qibla magazine on the table, maybe belonged to a friend who missed his visit to my place.

I accidentally took the magazine, without realizing it, I took it to bed, then I leafed through the sheets, maybe there are readings or stories that can encourage me to sleep.

Then on a page, I was shocked to see an article about “Christianity,” without thinking I read it.

At first my heart as a Christian felt offended, but as if there was an attraction that ordered me to continue reading it at that moment suddenly my impulse to think and examine the truth of my beliefs appeared.

I don’t know why I wanted to read Islamic books and Islamic magazines.

In fact, I often look for Qibla magazine from my friends who subscribe.

Increasingly, my impulse arose to research the teachings of Islam and Christianity, and I wanted to compare the divinity between the two religions.

I quietly continued to read Islamic books as well as reading the Gospels which became my obligation as Christians.

BM : Have you studied the Bible deeply enough?
AW : According to my feelings, the Gospel I have studied and I consider quite profound.

This is only in terms of the ability that I have. Either in someone else’s judgment.

Comparative Religion

BM : Then how do you continue?
AW : After I researched Islamic and Christian books that I met, my impulse to let go of my desires could not be resisted.

Then I began to ask questions about the religion of Islam to some of the people I met, but none of his statements satisfied my heart.

BM : To whom do you ask about Islamic teachings?
AW : To anyone I meet, besides other talks.

So I was wondering about the distractions of the subject. So not directly.

BM : After that is there an influence on you?
AW : Yes, strangely, I started not going to church any more. Maybe this is the effect.

BM : Then what?
AW : Because I did not feel satisfied from people who gave information about Islam, then I talked to brother Markan.

By brother Markan I was invited to the house of Mr. Kyai Baha. So I need to come here delivered by brother Markan.

BM : Maybe you have not yet studied the Bible in depth. Should you not re-examine the teachings of Christianity before further meetings are held.
AW : Then are people who are not Muslims not allowed to study Islam?

BM : It’s not like that, I mean that Islam is tolerant of all religions and their adherents.

Indeed, Muslims are required to preach to anyone who wants to accept it.

But Islam forbids coercion of others to convert to Islam.
AW : However, I also embraced Christianity not because I joined in.

My position is that everyone is free to choose religion according to their beliefs and convert to religion according to their beliefs, which of course are preceded by research and deep considerations in accordance with their abilities, both through the mediation of books, books, and questions of answer (discussion) or the other.

BM : Correct, but as long as it is reasonable so it does not cause misinterpretation between followers of one religion and followers of another religion.
AW : That is what I mean so that my visit to the kyai does not arise until suspicions and allegations are not reasonable but with the aim of finding the truth in embracing a religion on the basis of research in terms of ratios and psychology, from a scientific perspective, giving rise to confidence which is firm in my soul.

A firm and firm belief is certainly not likely to be a bandwagon.

BM : Rightfully so.
AW : There I found, adherents of a religion because of heredity because his father and mother embraced a religion, because of the influence of association, the environment, the influence of circumstances or could be the purpose of protection or other.

Therefore I swear that I do not belong to the people I mentioned above.

Comparative Religion

BM : I appreciate your position.
AW : That is why I met Mr. Kyai to describe my heart which I had conceived for a long time.

However, is it better not for Mr. Kyai to give me time.

It is up to you according to the opportunity of Mr. Kyai, because it is midnight now.

But as much as possible as soon as possible.

BM : Fine, tomorrow night you will come again, with a note that you don’t have to tell others first. I try the place.
AW : But what if someone comes to listen.

BM : Anyway, we try to keep the meeting not to be known by others, but if deemed necessary I think it’s OK, rather than the results of the meeting we tell.

If tomorrow night someone comes just wants to listen, it is up to them, anyway we do not invite them and they do not disturb order and smoothness in our meetings.
AW : Alright, I hope our meeting can be arranged between private and not public.

BM : This is indeed my plan and so that the brothers who are here know.
AW : I agree with the opinion of Mr. Kyai.

BM : Do you have a gospel?
AW : Yes, I have the book: The Old Testament, the New Testament and the English language “The Holy Bible” and there is also the Dutch book “Bijbellezingen voor het Huisgezin” and there is also a “Bible” published in 1968 and published in 1970 and the book ” Zabur. ”

BM : I hope that all of the books you mention will be taken tomorrow night.
AW : Yes I will bring everything. Do you also have the book Kyai?

BM : Previously learned it, but it was borrowed by a friend who until now has not been returned, but I have read it.
AW : Then I will bring all the Christian books that I have.

BM : I hope so
Comparative Religion – To be continued to the second night #Part 2

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